Kerlandra Blackmon

Obituary of Kerlandra Blackmon

Born to the world on May, 20th, 1970 in Montgomery,AL, from Bertha and Billy Blackmons' first daughter, older sister, mother and friend, erlandra Blackmon. Kerlandra had spent some of childhood in Oakland, California and later moved to Springfield,MA. There in Springfield she and her younger sister Michele ran through the city going to the movies , concerts and traveling to nearby cities like New York. Later years she started her career in the health field as CNA. In her early 20s she then gave birth to eldest child, her son Daymon Michael Blackmon , and in her mid 20s, her very first and eldest daughter, but middle child, Shyla Marie Blackmon. Lastly born at age 30 , her youngest was born, Matreya Rene Blackmon. Later in her mature years she had decided to move the family to their final family home in Indianapolis,IN. It was in Indianapolis Kerlandra met new friends, places to visit and things to do creating new memories . She was able to achieve her long term goal that became her passion. Caring about her health and wanting to create a change not only for herself , but for her children and soon becoming the motivation for many kinds of people. Her joining the Pike YMCA gave her a new beginning and lead her to lose 100 pounds in her very first year . The sweat, tears, days being sore had finally shown itself. .She knew from then she wanted to continue working with people. She worked at the Y teaching classes, showing members how to work equipment and met some of her best friends there. Finally after decades of her sharing her life,wisdom and laughs, we lay her to her final resting place, in Indianapolis,IN, Feb 26 at 4:34PM. In Saint Vincent Hospital. She is survived by her younger sister ,Michele Blackmon and her three children, Daymon, Shyla, and Matreya Blackmon. We will be holding a memorial service in her name at the OrthoIndy Foundation YMCA, on March 17,2024 at 5:30PM -7:00PM. Flowers, and gifts are welcome but not necessary
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