What others are saying...

"Thank You so much for all your sympathy and guidance during our mother's funeral. The ceremony was beautiful"  Warmest gratitude, From the Children and our Father.

The family of  Elizabeth G.

"We want to personally thank you for the generous support, assistance, dedication and overall service you provided to our family. We would have not made it through all the decisions and tasks that were completed without your service and comfort. By having the extended compassion you displayed to our family, you brought much relief in many areas, so the family could have its closure and mourn properly the passing of a great man. Once again, we want to thank you for your help and enthusiasm to ensure our family had the time and energy to tribute a wonderful man. You truly represent the professionalism of your job. You bring great credit to your job, support for our family and will forever be in our family's heart and memories."

The family of Ralph B.

"I could not be more pleased with the way Dad's service went. So much thanks to you, your knowledge, advice and hard work. You made the day so special for us. Bless you."

The family of  Warren G.

Dad's funeral was more lovely than I ever expected. Your help, suggestionsand thoughtfulness was so appreciated. Thank you so much!

Your Friend Judie D.

"To the staff of Stevens Mortuary, Thanks for making an unpleasant task, less so.

Regards The family of Linda F.

"Thank you is a simple phrase, but still it's meant to show that we appreciate your kindness more than you could know. A special thank you to Wayne for his kindness, support and assistance throughout a difficult time. You made things much easier. 

The Family of Joseph T.

Amber and Renee could not have been any more supportive. They knew our families needs before we did. They were very attentive to the details and followed through quickly on our requests. Thanks for two of the most caring ladies. 

The Family John W.

Just a note to Thank You for all the kind expressions of love that was given to me and my family. Your kindness and support for my husband and all of us was very much appreciated. Thank You and God Bless.

The Family of Virginia H.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! What more can we say? Thank you to everyone for all your help - Thanks especially for the donuts.