Leroy Froelich

Obituary of Leroy Froelich

Leroy F. Froelich, 83, of Indianapolis passed away on May 8, 2018. Leroy was born on February 24, 1935 to Otto F. and Edna M. (Kaylor) Froelich. Leroy was a life time resident of Indianapolis and attended Ben Davis High School.

Leroy was self-employed from 1952 – 1991. To his friends and colleagues, Leroy was known as "The Generator Man." Along side his family's company, Leroy helped to design and build many aspects of Indianapolis. He was a man who loved working with his hands. Those who knew him would say he could repair any machine, build any road, and run any piece of equipment. His work ethic, time, and care on any project made him a master of his craft.

Before his work, Leroy was the old fashion family man. As the patriarch of the family, he insisted on spending each evening at precisely 5pm with his family at the dinner table. His love for his family was known through the years by the games played with his children and grandchildren, the stories he would tell, and the lessons he would teach. 

In addition, Leroy was a man of character and a gentleman. He never left his home without a clean shave, collared shirt, and khaki pants. He consistently displayed a charming demeanor and a welcoming personality. He treated everyone with respect and taught the same to his children and grandchildren. 

Leroy was preceded in death by his parents; sister Margaret Froelich Green and son, Matthew Frank Froelich. He is survived by his wife of 63 years Shirley Ann Padgett Froelich; son, Mark Lee Froelich; niece, Dawn Marie Green; nephew Michael Clark; four grandsons, Johnathon Mark Froelich (Lisa), Kyle Matthew Froelich (Chelsea), Christopher Lee Froelich, Kraig Mitchell Froelich, and great grandchildren, Abygail Fleece and Wyatt Froelich.